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Matt King of WeQ4U baits the Dragons in BBC1's Den

Entrepreneur Matt King pitched his revolutionary new system to eliminate annoying call centre queues to BBC's Dragon’s Den on October 21st.

21st October 2012
His valuation managed to wind the Dragons up to the point that they didn't manage to understand his product at all. It all started to go wrong when Matt asked the Dragons for £150,000 for 1% of his business, valuing it at £15million. Instead of paying any attention to the problem Matt is addressing they were completely focussed on the justification of the valuation without coming out and stating that they knew he was more interested in getting publicity for the company than giving significant equity in an up and running profitable business with huge potential.

Tempers got a little unsettled but Matt managed to keep his cool and had all the numbers to answer their questions. One of the oddest moments was Hilary Devey telling Matt 'you have two ears and one mouth for a reason' - implying that he wasn't listening. Not sure whether the hypocricy outdid the ignorance of evolutionary biology but why should facts get in the way of a soundbite?

Matt's products are described at WeQ4U and OrderlyQ. The company concentrates on telephony products to cut queueing at call centers. The products consist of smartphone apps (iPhone | Android) which queue for you when the line is busy and systems that can be installed at call centers that estimate when an agent will be available and promotes the call to the front of the queue when the caller rings back around the scheduled time.

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